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ILAG is a trade body representing members from the Life Assurance and Wealth Management Industries

Industry Meetings

Minutes and notes from Industry Meetings attended by ILAG members

Agenda Minutes Other
11 June 2018 PRA CP8/18 - meeting with PRA to discuss ILAG response Agenda Other
04 June 2018 PRA regulatory reporting working group meeting Other
30 May 2018 FOS Trade Association Steering Meeting
14 May 2018 ILAG/PRA Liaison meeting Agenda Other
26 April 2018 GRiD Annual General Meeting
05 April 2018 FCA: Trade Association Briefing - Asset Management Market Study
22 March 2018 FCA Webinar: Effective competition in non-workplace pensions
21 March 2018 FCA and tPR Pension Strategy Seminar
15 March 2018 ILAG/FCA Liaison meeting
12 March 2018 ILAG/HMT Liaison meeting Minutes


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